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Famous People Who Have Struggled With Anxiety And How They Were Able To Overcome It

Anxiety is usually a serious disorder, and it can really affect your life if you don’t take serious measures on how to deal with because it tends to affect how people interact with people around them. It is easy to feel isolated when this happens and believe that nobody else understands your struggles. Keep in mind that if you are suffering from this condition you should not feel discouraged because so many people are in the same boat as you and they have been able to conquer it. Keep in mind that when it comes to celebrities, they are also suffering from such conditions just like any normal person. Below are some examples of celebrities who have had anxiety problems, and they inspire people to get help.

One popular musician known as Ellie Goulding also suffered from depression which most people might think is aria because she is famous and has released lots of hit songs. Ellie Goulding is known to have suffered from panic attacks which were quite severe, and this disorder started when she was a child. Her panic attacks while severe and they affected her daily life because she started having struggles driving herself or even going to the studio to make music. She decided to attend therapy sessions which helped her deal with anxiety, and she was also put under anti-anxiety medication and a small dose of diazepam.

Whoopi Goldberg is a good example of a comedian who has suffered from depression which for many people can be hard to believe because people usually assume that because comedians are always happy it is unlikely for them to suffer from such a condition. The type of anxiety that she suffered was an extreme fear of airline travel. The main reason as to why she suffered from this type of anxiety is because she was a witness of a mid-air collision. For almost 30 years she only traveled across country by bus or train. Tired of the inconveniences she decided to try exposure therapy with an airline program which targets anxious fliers, and it worked. She’s not fully relaxed when she flies in a plane, but at least the therapy has helped quite a lot as she has been able to conquer her fears as she can nowadays travel by air which is a good thing.