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Benefits Of Wide Plank Floors

They size of your floor planks should be a consideration whenever you are researching on the type of flooring you need installed in your house. It can be difficult to determine the best choice between wide and narrow floor planks. But which is better for your house and why? With this article, you will get to know which is the best choice and why.

With wider floor planks you are guaranteed that the installation process will be a lot easier. Whenever you are installing one wide floor plank you will use the same pace o install two floor planks. This is the reason why installing thin floor planks will take a much longer time than the wide floor planks. With wider floor planks, you will start to enjoy your floor much sooner because they are fewer and easy to install.

Whether the room feels a lot bigger or smaller will be determined by the size of floor planks that are installed. This is due to the fact that a wide floor planks will help make the small room a lot bigger. The best way of achieving a much bigger feel to the room is by using the wide floor planks. Its width makes the room fell a lot bigger than it usually is.

Wide floor planks come in very many different styles. The different grains on the wood are the determinants of the style of the floor planks. It could be rustic, Mediterranean or contemporary. The exotic appeal on your floors will be brought by these different styles of wide plank floor.

Your kitchen and bathroom need the engineered wide floor planks. This is because the areas in your house that are exposed to water are the kitchen and bathroom. You need the type of planks that are water resistant and durable. There are seams that are found in between the boards that are lesser in numbers. This is the reason why it is water resistant.

Different varieties also mean that they come at different prices. With these different choices you will be able to budget for the right choice. This choice of affordable floor planks is applicable to both big and small spaces.

Having a professional who will do the installation for you will determine the outcome. By doing this you will end up with a floor that is admired by those who come to visit you.

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