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Mariahs Story

If you know how it is to work for a non-profit company, then you will know that you dont expect to grow financially in this type of job. IF you are working for a non-profit company, then you are more concerned about how to make this world a better world for people around you. However, the story of Mariah is something that will amaze you and encourage you that when you are passionate about the things that you do, you can gain success in the end.

The story of Mariah begins when she was a young girl of 7. The childhood that Mariah experienced was a fairly comfortable one with loving parents who provide all of their familys needs. Like a typical average family,

Going home from shopping, Mariah was astonished to see a poor man wearing filthy rags on the street. The sadness in his eyes was more than Mariah could take that she had to ask her mother to buy food for the man. Indeed, the man has not eaten for days and he hungrily dug into the slices of pizza that they bought for him.

Something began to change in Mariahs heart through that incident. The passion for helping needy people grew in her heart as she was growing up. The passion in her to help others led her to ask her parents to volunteer in a soup kitchen. In time, the family of Mariah began joining other programs that help the less fortunate people in their community.

Since at that time Mariah was using her parents money to give away to the poor, her parents decided to tell her that true giving comes from giving what you have and not what somebody else has. Mariah understood what her parents were saying so at a very young age, she got a job waiting tables at a restaurant.

Her earnings were divided half to the poor and half to her savings. With money to spend, Mariah buys toys for children during Christmastime.

One of her teachers gave Mariah a very wonderful idea of writing a blog about the volunteer work that she was doing so that other would be encouraged to follow her example. Then Mariah gave it a shot with the least idea of how to do it. It is a tough thing to promote something you are not an expert at. You can read more now about marketing here.

Eventually she got a hang of it and the blogger in her became alive. People started to contribute to her cause. Today, her blog earns her six figures a year of which half goes to her favorite charity.

Here we learn how someone passionate about a cause can end up being fulfilled herself.