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Paul Marciano was born in Morocco in 1952. He serves the position of a designer, business person, investor, and philanthropist. He helped in the creation of Guess Inc with his black and white advertisements being recognized severally by the Clio Awards. In the beginning, Guess was run by the four siblings namely Armand, Paul, Gorges and Maurice; it is nowadays being run by Paul and Maurice.

Besides being born in Morocco to a Jewish family, Paul Marciano was raised in Marseilles together with his four bothers. His great grandfather, father, and grandfather were rabbis. They at one time lived in a synagogue apartment, and between ages eight and fifteen, Paul and the brothers were part of a Jewish Boy scout group. Paul was involved in a serious accident at fifteen year old together with a friend. Paul was stuck in a wheelchair after the accident for seven months and was also told that walking would be impossible. Nevertheless, after about one year and six months, he started walking after full recovery of his limbs functions. Owed to his prolonged absence, the school did not reaccept him. Unable to finish school, he shifted to Israel and stayed in a kibbutz.

Paul Marciano started working in the clothing company owned by his family, MGA that stood for Maurice Gorges Armand. MGA was closed in 1981 after the political differences of France, and moved to the United States. In Santa Monica, there was another MGA in operation. Guess, a famous clothing organization was started immediately after the closure of MGA.

The Marciano’s disposed 50 percent of the company to the Nakashes of New York in 1983. After a California court ruled that the Nakashes had obtained this business arrangement fraudulently, the agreement was terminated on in 1989. Paul Marciano first handled public relations and advertising for the firm and later on became its president and CEO in 1993. In 2015, Paul Marciano became the executive chairman and also the chief creative officer and not the CEO of Guess.

The Maurice and Paul art foundation purchased the previous Scottish Rite Masonic temple for about $8 million. The building is about 90,000 square feet and is close to the size of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. The friends of Israel defense forces received $5.2 million of donation money from Paul and Maurice.

Paul has been married twice. The first wife, Kymberly, bore him to kid, Nicolai and Ella. He is married to his second wife, Mareva Georges, a French model. They have two children with her, Gia and Ryan and reside in Los Angeles.

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