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What to Do about Hair Loss

It is our dream that we get to keep our full heads of hair for as long as possible. This is why no one wants to deal with the issue of baldness. There is hardly anyone how wishes to lose their hair. There are several cases where people start to lose their hair way too early. They shall suffer the most trauma in such a loss. There are more men with balding heads than there are women. There are many men facing the challenge of Androgenic Alopecia. This is what you see as a baldness following a pattern, where you end up with the shape M on your head. Eventually, it shall recede till they have complete baldness.

DHT is a substance from the male hormone testosterone that can be held responsible for such a loss. A lot still has to be done to ascertain the details of how DHT works to lead to hair loss. As of now, it is known that it affects those mostly genetically disposed to male pattern baldness. As more and more DHT floods your system, the more it shall be hard for follicular to stop happening as well. This means that the DHT causes the follicles to shrink. Follicles are the pathways for the hair to come through. You need it to be open and healthy for normal hair growth. If their normal state is disturbed, the follicle shall shrink, leading to thinning of hair, and further shrinking leads to hair loss, with little chance of it ever regenerating.

There is no end to the research and discoveries being made in the sir loss treatment industry. It is where those who have suffered premature hair loss, thinning of hair, and baldness turn to for help. Several solutions can be sought that will lead to hair growth and restoration of strength. Since rising DHT levels are to blame in most cases of hair loss, most treatments are aimed at minimizing those levels, to allow for better chances if hair growth. The solutions available as of now are either in the prescription drugs category or in the natural treatments category.

There are some popular pharmaceutical interventions that have led to the reversal of the hair loss process. As some of them work, however, they introduce more problems into your body. Some of them are known to cause erectile dysfunction, among other conditions. This is why more and more people are looking for natural remedies, which are believed to possess none of those side effects. It is best to research the kind of treatments you go for. You need to aim for something natural, extensively tested, and with consistent results. You can learn more about such here.

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