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Features that the Pink River Dolphin Has

Pink dolphin facts show that they are non-existing humans that can sing and change their look. When the pink dolphin change its shape it can move from one area to the other without facing hindrances . The pink dolphin facts make people believe that the dolphins have some supernatural powers to control things . The pink dolphin facts says that the dolphins are friendly and they do not fear the humans . People have a belief in the pink dolphin facts that the river dolphins were once human beings . The pink river dolphin has the ability to move its head from one side to the other while the normal dolphins cannot.

As the pink dolphin facts reveals that as it is moving, it goes when looking for its next day meal, this makes it move at a slow rate . The pink river dolphin can change its color into pink . The dolphin turn its color according to their emotions . The pink river dolphin mostly become more shinning when it is cheerful. Most of the scientist who are studying about the dolphins find it hard to define where these animals get their color of pink. When the dolphins are young, they are always grey, as they grow old they take the pink color. The pink river dolphin always live by itself with the other dolphins of its kind but most of the time they come across the other dolphins making them to fight . The pink river dolphins may be changing colors to be a camouflage tactic . The pink dolphin facts state that as the pink river dolphins age, their skin becomes more see me through and the pink color is usually the blood vessels being seen . The pink river dolphins spend most of their life down the river basins and the rivers that feed them . In case the water level decreases or increases in the pink river the dolphins will have to change their homes .

When it is raining heavy, the water in the rivers rises, this will be of great importance to the pink river dolphins as they will not have any problem when moving. The pink river dolphin do always swim like pother dolphins and they rarely breath out of the water like ,most of the dolphins do and they do not have a dorsal fin with them making it harder to identify an individual dolphin. The pinkriver dolphin faces a lot of threats in its natural habitat because people are using the natural resources of the river basin .

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