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Facet disease is also called facet syndrome. Facet syndrome is a general term that is used to describe any painful degeneration of facet joints in the spine. Facet disease is the primary cause of spine pain. The facet joints are the ones that connect the vertebrae together. Two facet joints are the ones that are found in the spine that have vertebrae. The vertebrae have facet joints, and they are the ones that work as a tripod with the intervertebral discs. When they work together, they enable people to support themselves, have stability and also allow them to have smooth movements.

What other joints that our bodies have is also found with the facet joints. The spine and facets experience pressure and shock on daily basis and to withstand such thing, the facet joints are lined up with cartilage. They are also put through constant, and repetitive motion on a daily basis because of the weight they have. The cartilage breakdown when the process keeps repeating itself which on the other hand causes the joints to become inflamed. As we are growing old, or if we have acute trauma, the facet joints wear down which cause pain in the other side.

Facet disease or the facet syndrome is the pain that is experienced soon after the facet joints wear down. Soreness or stiffness are the names that are used to describe this kind of pain by those people who have experienced them. Pain is the first symptom of facet disease. The extent of the injury caused and even the location where the degenerated joint is found are things that will determine how you will experience the pain. For example, headaches or shoulder pains will be triggered by the cervical facet disease or facet syndrome.

Radiating pain in the back and legs are examples of symptoms of lumbar facet disease. Those who suffer from facet disease of facet syndrome are different because there are those who feel pain and other so not experience any pain. Even if there are there are other causes of spine conditions, facet syndrome or facet disease is the leading cause. The facet joints that carry the pressure of our spine are broken down because there normal wear and tear activities that happen as we grow old. The abnormal posture, poor health, obesity, genetics, and injury are the leading causes of these wears and tears.

Acute trauma are things like car accidents or injuries that develop from sports. Other causes of facet disease include osteoarthritis, lack of exercise, smoking, and also stress. Facet disease is categorized further to three types. Cervical facet disease is the first type of facet disease. Thoracic facet disease and lumbar facet disease are the other two types of facet diseases.

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