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What to do When you Find a Suitable Surrogate

You can never tell you may one day need the services of a surrogate. This is why no one is ever really prepared for what happens when they do. They could use a guide on how to go about the process until the child is born.

You will be introduced to several potential surrogates at the surrogacy agency. A basic criteria for all of them includes them being in the 21 – 40 years age bracket, with a thorough background check, carried a previous pregnancy to full term, had a normal and preferably easy delivery, and had a gestation period with no significant complications. They must all have been subjected to a psychological evaluation.

You may know of several you would like to get as your surrogate. What you need to remember is that not every woman wishes to be a surrogate. A small number of women like eating healthy, doing exercises, living a positive life, falling pregnant, and enjoying the gestation and delivery process.

Do not think that money shall get you what you want. The main reason surrogates do what they do is their desire to help those who cannot carry the pregnancy to full term, or get pregnant. The payment shall help cope with the stresses of pregnancy, but they shall have received the reward.

You need to listen to the advice of the professionals when picking the surrogate. You cannot rely on personal sentiments to make such an important decision. If you are advised against your choice; you are better off listening.

You need to make sure the surrogate has a good support system. They need to have friends and family close by, and if possible a spouse. Those who go searching for only married surrogates may find their spouses are not the most supportive. Having friends and family shall be all they need.

You should also look into the nature of communication you share. You need to understand where you all stand. You should listen to what they have to say about communication. rarely does anyone want to entertain your need to stay in touch every waking moment of the day.

You should at all times remain respectful of the surrogate and her family. These are people important in the pregnancy process. You should also know that their lives no just yours has changed. The surrogate also has her previous pregnancy to draw experience from, unlike you. You therefore are better off treating the family right and sharing the journey with them.

Surrogacy is a process best approached with respect and consideration for all those involved, to ensure it is a successful one. These points should help you manage this journey well.

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